SC Shannon Full.jpg
Name: Shannon
Occupation: Christian's Assistant
Relationships: Christain (Boss),
Ethan (Former Co-worker)
First Appearance: "Kindred"



The only thing on par with her docility is her dislike for Christain. She is very intelligent and capable person, and because of that she found herself in his bad company leaving her generally disheartened most of the time.[1]

At least, this was the personality she presented. As she also was hired to seduce Ethan, it could have all been a front.


She has shot hair and thin-rimmed rectangular glasses. Only ever depicted wearing a spaghetti strap tee and tight violet pants.

She slouches, and rarely gestures or opens her mouth very much when she talks.

Character History

When Christian bought Gamehaven, he hired Shannon to run it for him. That wasn't they only job he had for her, his intention for her was two fold. Christian's reason for buying Gamehaven was, like every other reason for involving himself in Ethan's life, to steal Lilah away.

To this end Christian had Shannon to try and seduce Ethan, so he could record evidence of the infidelity and use it to break Lilah's heart and make her his. Presumably, she left Gamehaven when Christian passed the business over to Ethan. It is unknown if she is still in Christian's employ.



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