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Name: Scott
Occupation: Web Designer? Programmer? Tim only knows what!
Relationships: Ted (Pet? Best Friend? Lover?),
Ethann, Lilah, & Lucas (Roomates)
First Appearance: "My Thoughts Exactly"

Official Character Bio

Scott showed up mysteriously, and it is assumed that he was answering an ad for a roommate that was place by the previous tenants, before Ethan and Lucas moved in.

Scott keeps mostly to himself. He has grown increasingly introverted, going to great lengths to protect his privacy. This behaviour has piqued Ethan's curiosity, and he is determined to find out what it is Scott does in his room all day.

Scott is a Linux user, which also sets him at odds from Ethan, who will only accept Windows operating systems into his heart. Scott's closest friend appears to be his pet penguin, Ted. Nobody knows how Scott acquired a pet penguin, and Ted seems strangely more intelligent than your average penguin.

As it would turn out, Ted was in fact controlling Scott's mind, and using him as part of a revenge scheme to bring down Microsoft, as the labs where he was experimented on used Windows as their OS.



Bi-polar and in need of anger management, Scott has been known to hit others with a big red hammer for simply mentioning his name, despite this he remains a very popular character amongst fans.


Character History


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