Lucas Full.jpg
Name: Lucas Davidowicz
Occupation: Previously Computer Sales/Tech,
presently Video Game Store Manager
Relationships: Kate (Girlfriend)
First Appearance: "Nice Mellon"

Lucas Davidowicz is a year older than Ethan. He is portrayed as more level-headed and down to earth than Ethan. Cynical and sarcastic, Lucas is something of a slacker, prepared to enjoy a good video game over actual work. Lucas is a programmer and previously worked at a computer store, where he offered technical assistance; more recently he left to work for Ethan at GameHaven as an assistant manager. Lucas also enjoys Games Workshop's game and universe, Warhammer 40,000.

Official Character Bio

Lucas could be described as down to earth, and level headed, though extremely sarcastic and cynical. The counter-weight to Ethan's eccentrics, if you will. But in truth, he only appears this way when compared to Ethan. Lucas is a slacker at heart, and is always more than ready to choose a game of Halo 2 deathmatch over any activity that promotes energy expenditure and productivity.

While he fancies himself an amateur artist, Lucas' true skills lie in programming, and the coding aspects of computers. Like Ethan, he also one day hopes to be on a video game design company, but has yet to enter the field on any mod teams.


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