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Name: Ethan Ryan MacManus
Occupation: Video Game Store Owner
Relationships: Lilah (spouce),
Zeke (Creator),
Lucas & Scott (Roommates),
Rory (Brother)
First Appearance: "Nice Mellon"

Official Character Bio

If you looked up 'Video Game Addict' in the dictionary.... well, you wouldn't find anything. It's not in there. But if it was, Ethan's picture would almost certainly accompany it. His fanaticism concerning video games is the stuff of legends.

He still attends a bi-monthly support group as a result of his Everquest addiction, of which he is three years clean.

Ethan is a talented artist, but would rather procrastinate while playing video games than pursue the career he dreams about; creating video games. He also has a penchant for large quantities of alcohol that usually astounds people in the vicinity. He chalks it up to his Irish blood and artistic nature.



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Character History

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List of Appearances

Being one of the two original Characters, and the main protagonist, Ethan has appeared in far too many strips to account. However, for noteworthy apprentices, see List of Ethan's Noteworthy Appearances.

Noteworthy Quotes

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