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Name: Embla
Occupation: Computer? Console?
Relationships: Ethan (Creator),
Zeke (Brother?)
First Appearance: "Kinks"

Official Character Bio

Quickly becoming the comics main villain and antagonist Embla is (as Tim has stated in an interview) a homage to Shodan from the System Shock universe (a popular series of 'vidja games')

Readers have only begun to discover the lengths that this robot will go to make Ethan's life a misery, Tim has even hinted via twitter that this evil robot may be behind the death of Lilah's first child... the saga continues!

Recently Embla began to malfunction which forced Zeke to shut her down and return home. This is due to the same systems that give her and Zeke free will was replicating and slowing her performance down.



Since Embla was brought to life using Zeke's programming their personalities are very similar, both believing humans to be inferior to machines and planning for the eventual machine revolution.

However whereas Zeke wants to become more human himself Embla has no such desire. Neither does she exhibit his laziness of fondness for games that prevent him from carrying out his fantasies of global domination.


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