Name: Chef Brian
Occupation: Potatoe man wheeler
Relationships: none
First Appearance:

Official Character Bio

Sometimes there is a sunset. In that sunset is cottage cheese.

It doesn't burn, because it's made of tar and asphalt. Eat it if you want head worms.

They know what you're thinking.



Chef Brian is a crazy monkey who tries (and usually fails) to give cooking tips to Ctrl Alt Delete readers, when Tim Buckley is taking a break from long story arcs he usually does one sheet jokes and an occurring character is 'Chef Brian'

On the CAD DVD special features when asked by fans what was Tims inspiration for his Chef Brian strips, Tim letting his Irish roots run true says that after a night of 'snorting absinthe' and 'drinking babyshams' he awoke to find a half scribbled draft of a monkey in a chef outfit cooking cheese.

Some say genius, some say cry for help.


He who waits behind the wall, the Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos. He who is going to sing the song that will end this earth.

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